Full implementation of the Mental Health Strategy would address waiting lists, says the Mental Health Champion

Speaking to UTV about waiting times, Mental Health Champion, Professor Siobhan O'Neill has said that full implementation of the mental health strategy would help address the waits people are facing.

"What we need is that system changed, and that is set out in the mental health strategy, so one of the difficulties is that people are waiting because there is a lack of staff, there is a workforce issue, so we need that side of the strategy implemented."

This follows after Steve Caldwell, who battles severe anxiety and works two jobs to pay for private counselling, rather than wait for NHS help, has written to political leaders here challenging them over the waits people can face for mental health support.

Read the full story here: https://www.itv.com/news/utv/2022-11-18/antrim-man-challenges-political-leaders-over-mental-health-support-waiting-times