Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2023: Access to mental health supports in Northern Ireland

New findings released by Professor Siobhan O’Neill, Mental Health Champion, from the 2023 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey, highlights the public experiences of accessing mental health services and continuing impact of the conflict. Just over one in five (23%) respondents had sought support or treatment for their mental health at any time since October 2021, and of those seeking services, 80% were offered services from their GP/Primary Care practice. Around one in 10 of those who sought mental health support or treatment were offered services from the community and & voluntary sector (9%), private practitioner (9%), and adult mental health services (11%). Over half (55%) received interventions leading to an improvement in their mental health within 9 weeks. Almost 7 in 10 received effective support or treatment within six months (17% waited between 9 weeks and 6 months). However, 12% said that they never received treatment or support that worked.